Live-Talk of Sat. May 22

Anatema: Artisan made silk clothes in Venice

Who is Anatema

Anatema is a sophisticated and colorful shop combining elegance, personality and Made in Italy, located in Santa Croce, adjacent to Campo San Giacomo dall’Orio in the heart of Venice. Stepping inside is an experience in itself. A rainbow in a room full of fabrics of the highest qualities.

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We will meet Rossana Righini, the knowledgeable and tasteful owner and a reference point for style in Venice according to her customers. She chooses fabrics and patterns to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are recognizable worldwide.Prepare to be enveloped in a sophisticated color palette that ranges from shades of pink to vibrant yellows and oranges, from cardinal red to all kinds of blues and ending with warm, earthy tones. Stoles, scarves, neckerchiefs, silk shrugs, bucolic flower-shaped brooches and Murano glass jewelry, outerwear, dresses, kimonos and bags are strictly Made in Italy and come in a huge variety of colors.


Interviewed by

Cecelia Pierotti

Cecelia Pierotti | Live-in-Venice Week 2021

American Retired Violinist & Venetian Resident

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