Live-Talk of Sun. May 23

Arzanart: Marble Paper in Venice

Who is Arzanart

Arzanart is an artisan workshop in the heart of Venice: they decorate paper using the ancient technique of marbling. With this paper they produce contemporaney notebooks, albums, jewels, furnishing objects and everything that the imagination suggests.

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We will meet Isabella e Federico of Arzanart, an artistic workshop that produces handmade Venetian marbled paper.

This art form allows you to design and create decorations from oil paints floating on water. The resulting patterns recall marble or stone veining.

Using a number of simple tools (combs), complex and evocative compositions can be created.

The technique was first employed in East Asia in the ninth century A.D. and expanded to the Middle East around the fifteenth / sixteenth century.

First used in Venice in 1600, marbled paper was a decorative element for book covers and other objects.


Interviewed by

Monica Gambarotto

Monica Gambarotto | Live-in-Venice Week 2021

Venice Certified Professional Tourist Guide

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