Live-Talk of Thu. May 20 – 13:00 (GMT+2)

Row Venice: learn to row the Venetian way

Who is Row Venice

Row Venice is a non-profit association of women. They teach how to row in the Venetian way (standing and facing forward) in Venetian typical boats (which are not gondolas but “Batele a coa de gambero”).
They reinvest the lessons’ profit in order to maintain the rowing tradition alive, supporting women who compete in the regattas, organizing events to promote sustainable tourism and transport, giving free rowing classes to school students and a lot more.

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We will meet the women of Row Venice, this non-profit association from Venice. We will discover the ancient method of Voga alla Veneta, the way that Venetians row their boats. During the lockdown Row Venice volunteered delivering food through the canals rowing to the people locked at home.All the women of Row Venice teach with a strong passion to other people, showing also Venice from a different prospective!


Interviewed by

Cecelia Pierotti

Cecelia Pierotti | Live-in-Venice Week 2021

American Retired Violinist & Venetian Resident

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