Live-Talk of Fri. May 21

Vizio Virtu: Chocolate Heaven in Venice

Who is Vizio Virtu

VizioVirtù started its adventure in 2005 when they opened their first chocolate factory, a chocolate shop able to cater for even the most demanding palates, making Venice an even sweeter town.
Right in the heart of the city, between Rialto and San Marco square, just a few steps from where Marco Polo lived: spices, coffee and cocoa powder were traded literally next door.

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We will meet Mariangela Penzo, convinced supporter of artisan chocolate and master chocolatier who, together with her only-women team, offers you the best of her production: pralines, dragees and many chocolate-based delicacies. We will discover the history of chocolate and how to choose real good chocolate.
If you love chocolate this is the interview for you!


Interviewed by

Cecelia Pierotti

Cecelia Pierotti | Live-in-Venice Week 2021

American Retired Violinist & Venetian Resident

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